About Us
Philippe Ballard International Group is a brand new Swiss luxury timepieces company. The brand name and trademark were founded in the world-famous watchmaker country - Switzerland.
The Group’s founder Mr.Jimmy Kuo is a Korea Overseas Chinese who resides in Indonesia with proficiency in multi-lingual. Mr.Jimmy adopted diversified business model.
He is a mining tycoon, other than mining, he is also very successful in real estate sector, his real estate business developed throughout Southeast Asian countries. In addition, Mr.Jimmy owned two luxuries branded bag’s OEM in Indonesia.
Mr.Jimmy is a low profile person. He loves to travel around the world. There is one time he traveled to Switzerland, a thought of enter to the world of Swiss watchmaking emerged from his mind during the trip. With this in mind, he actively involved himself in this industry. After two years of planning and preparation, a new master collection Philippe Ballard finally launched.
Philippe Ballard International Group invested more than ten million U.S. dollars to build this world-class brand. Supported by the best talent in the industry as our development team, we manufacture our own high-quality brand of watch in Switzerland. We will bring our collection Philippe Ballard to the global marketplace in near future, step into the level as others branded Swiss watch.